Efficient Collaboration, Smart Deliveries

What is Anyroutes?

The 3 R’s of the environment are referred to as ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ and have been adopted by people in their personal lives. Anyroutes brings this same focus to SMB’s by reducing the number of deliveries traveling in the same direction and cutting costs, traffic & carbon emissions as we do so.

What we do

At Anyroutes, we are reimagining the world of courier deliveries. Conventional methods of delivery generally involve the transport of a single item from one point to another. We want to make use of existing delivery routes, whether they are temporary or permanent, so that multiple deliveries can be made in a single journey. Using a single resource for multiple customers will streamline current practices, thereby facilitating lower costs for customers and higher efficiency and profit for courier and delivery companies.

Route management system

Get all the required information in one view


Ability to add photos, customer signatures and notes used as proof of transport to the customer

API & Excel upload

Import batch of addresses / recipients in one click!

Real time delivery tracking

Active recommendation for collaboration

Add your order and we will know which driver is best to associate depending on loads, times, geographical location and vehicle capacity

How we do it?

Our SaaS platform is host to a community of delivery personnel from different companies. Whenever a delivery is requested, full route details are uploaded to the Anyroutes platform giving Anyroutes an overall map of scheduled routes in real time. Our collaborative platform does all the work behind the scenes to match customers to drivers based on the driver’s current proximity and route, ensuring the most efficient and cost saving option.

The agent

Some detailes about the agent


Some detailes about the location

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